Why MK837? w/ micFreak

Based in Baltimore, MD, micFreak is our perpetual ray of sunshine. No matter the time of year, micFreak’s blend of lazy hazy deep house with a hint of progressive is just the right mix for that either that poolside mix or main stage festival anthem.

More than just a producer, micFreak is an avid live performer and is a music teacher by trade. Besides his releases on MK837, you will find him on DeepSink Digital, Deeper Manila, Above All Records and Deeplife Records among others.

One thing is certain though, you can never go wrong with micFreak.
Here’s why micFreak works with MK837:

Why MK837? The label has a really cool label owner! Dave is very down to earth and approachable. The music they release are quality! One of the best underground labels on earth, so why not MK837?
— micFreak

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