Why MK837? w/ J.Davis

Signing J.Davis’ new project Yoshida has been one of the greatest honors I have had in running MK837. I first ran across Joey’s work in the mid-90’s when he was producing music for N*Soul Records under the moniker Spiritual High. It wasn’t long after that when he teamed up with my friend and mentor Jamey Wright to form the drum and bass act Faith Massive.

Since then, Joey has released three Faith Massive albums with a rumored fourth on the way. He has also released a few singles with Cosmic Flux Musiq and others. If you haven’t heard Proper Things, you need to.

In 2013, he started his new project, Yoshida, which is a mix of progressive, electro and deep house. With six releases out since his debut on MK837, you can find his work on labels like Polytechnic Recordings, Clubstream Red and Dansant.

Joey is also the founder of the artist collective Devout Artists which functions as a label and promotion group in much the same vein as MK837. In fact, about the same time that Devout was being formed, I actually submitted a demo to Joey. That was about fourteen years ago. At the time, I had no idea that one day Joey would be signing music to my label.

Here’s why J.Davis works with MK837:

“I have known David since my days in Faith Massive. When I heard that he was releasing stuff under his label MK837 I knew I wanted to be involved. Having worked with lots of labels in the past it is very refreshing and rewarding to work with MK837. I appreciate the transparency of how the label is run: no gimmicks, no trends, just great solid electronic music. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and respect for the artists is what makes them stand out among the vast sea of EDM labels. Looking forward to what the future holds for MK837!”

— J.Davis aka Yoshida

You can check out Yoshida on Beatport and if you like what you hear, consider supporting our Kickstarter. We’re just days away from its end.

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