Why MK837? w/ Retchid

Brooks Williams produces under a few names for us. He is perhaps best known however by the name Retchid. We released his first album, Salt Symphony, in the spring of 2010 and since then we’ve been proud to have him both as a featured artist and remixer.

He is no stranger to other labels either. His work has been released by Kick It Recordings, Pure Logic Recordings and Manufactured Music among others. He and label founder Kevin Oneel have also collaborated with several artists in within the nerdcore scene, most notably though with MC Lars.

Over the years, Brooks has become a central member of the MK837 team. His latest collaboration project with DJ and producer Alex Bedwell, Chemical Harmony, is just a quick glimpse into the future of electronic music.

Here’s why Brooks works with MK837:

I work with Mk837 because they are family and like family when you approach the label with an out of the box idea they welcome the idea unlike other more straight laced labels. Mk837 has been with me since my beginnings and has supported my career and sound since day one. They are the kind of label you want on your team, one that will support your ambitions and get your sound out to the masses.

— Brooks Williams a.k.a. Retchid

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