Why MK837? w/ DJ Jarvis

Buffalo, NY based DJ and producer DJ Jarvis is a new comer to MK837, but he’s already been cutting his teeth with releases on Cable Recordings and Cylon Dub Receptor. His music has obtained the attention of Paco Osuna, Gabriel Anada and more. Even Depeche Mode’s Martin L. Gore has favorite his music.

Jarvis’ productions harness diverse elements from all sorts of inspirations, whether it is a classic progressive track, a movie, or even some random sounds outside. His tracks are big enough for any main room, yet deep enough to give them substance and set his sound apart.

Growing up in Buffalo NY, he had the benefit of Toronto being just an hour away. Here, he was able to witness the explosion of a world class dance scene. On a more local level, he also was able to experience the late 90’s underground scene which swept Buffalo by storm. All of these experiences have left an imprint that still helps shape his sound today.

Here’s why DJ Jarvis works with MK837:

Because MK isn’t about charts, trends and profit lines. MK837 is about one thing, the artist and letting the artist have the freedom to write and release his own vision of electronic music. Being a small label, MK still releases with the professionalism of the big guys. The website, artwork and promotion are all on point.
— DJ Jarvis

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