Why MK837? w/ Silverfilter

Silverfilter is one of MK837’s newest artists. With one MK837 release under his belt with MK837 and another just around the corner, we’re proud to have him on our roster. Silverfilter however isn’t a new name, but a veteran of the Filipino scene.

His tastes and skills range far beyond the studio as he is no stranger to both DJing and live performances. In fact, last year Silverfilter was the runner up to Pioneer Pro DJ’s Controller Battle contest. His self-released album Arcadia has gained the attention of several blogs and recently landed him feature in FM Magazine’s Filipino edition.

If that’s not enough, Silverfilter is also a member of the electronica-funk-electro-nusoul-disco-future group SINYMA (pronounced as “cinema”). Expect to hear more from them in the future.

Here’s why Silverfilter supports MK837:

I release stuff with MK837 for a lot of reasons. I’ve been with TastyFresh for a long time now and the guys behind and around the label and TF are both my electronic (Christian) online family in that respect. It’s also nice working with them as we not only push our music but something with substance backed up by our Faith. It’s always nice working with a team in a label too. It keeps me in check and I get to release tracks consistently with support and not just pushing everything on my own.
— Silverfilter

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You can catch Silverfilter’s next release on Beatport this coming Monday. The single Revival comes nicely packaged with a remix by legendary LA DJ and producer AJ Mora and another great remix by Keegan O’Geudes.

And just because we know you’re curious, here’s Silverfilter’s performace from the 2013 Pioneer DJ Controller Battle Finals.