Why MK837? w/ Dave Richards

On Friday, August 1st, MK837 launched a crowdfunding effort with Kickstarter. The goal is to raise at least $3,000 to help cover the expenses which sales have yet to fully cover. We could give you numbers and stats as to why you should support our efforts, but we know that passion means more. So here’s the first of a series called “Why MK837.” To kick things off, label owner Dave Richards lets you into why he’s passionate about MK837.

Music deserves to be heard. Music is also better with friends. In many ways, that’s what MK837 is all about.

We started as friends running a stage at a music festival with a similar passion for music. The more we worked together, the closer our bond grew. By the time we decided to start a label, a common theme for us was that we knew we could run something bigger than ourselves and that we had a ton of music and artists friends who were not receiving the exposure they deserved.

MK837 was set up to challenge ourselves, expose new talent and to set the standard for how small indie labels should be run in favor of their artists rather than the bottom line. We haven’t arrived at our goal yet, but we are striving toward it. 2013 and 2014 may have thrown us some real curveballs, but we’re still standing. With your help, we can succeed.
— Dave Richards, Label Owner, MK837

Check out the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter now. Our perks include free music (even if you don’t give), shirts, posters and more music.

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