Goodbye Antrim

2013 was an interesting year for MK837. We started the year off by holding a crowdfunding event on Indiegogo to better fund the label. We didn’t do as well with that as we had hoped, but Kevin and I learned some valuable lessons from the experience. One of those was on the power of owning a well respected blog. We already knew that engaging blogs would help us get more press, the problem was getting their attention and getting our story out.

We eventually came up with a crazy idea to do the reverse that we had done with MK837. Rather than starting the label and then acquire fans, we’d get the fans first and then start the label. Pure genius right? Yeah. So we apparently forgot about the importance of having a strong fan base prior to starting MK837.

It was from this obvious revelation that Antrim Digital was born. The idea was to start a sub-label for MK837 that would have a more commercial sound and to tie it to a blog that would take on popular topics in the EDM scene. It would pull from our experiences as fans, DJs and producers who came up in the 90’s rave scene and tie it in with the current generation of club goers. With this concept in mind, Antrim launched in March of 2013.

In all honesty, we were doing pretty well. With just a few posts, we had a fairly good run until Kevin’s death last October. We took on some great topics. We had a few great guest DJs on the podcast thanks to Rikki. We had some fun guest posts by Pete le Freq of LLama Farm. And to be totally honest, I was having a blast with my apparent Paris Hilton obsession.

Kevin’s death was quickly followed by my involvement in a rollover car crash and then a dramatic change in my employment status just a few months later. Antrim quickly became largely ignored because of other priorities in life. Unfortunately, it looks like I don’t have to time to focus both on Antrim as a separate blog while running MK837 at the same time. My passion for the site, not the name, has also wanned a good bit. It’s hard to carry on something that requires both passion and debate when your partner in the cause is no longer with you.

With all of that said, I’m throwing all of my effort officially into the label and letting Antrim die quietly. I may resurrect it one day as a sub-label, but for now, all of my blogging will be here. I may even pull in some guest writers as well. For now, all of the articles from Antrim have been moved to and the old podcasts have been moved to

To those of you who checked out Antrim, thanks. I hope you found it worth your time. Please keep up with us here at MK837. My passion for that is still pretty hot and I’d love to have your support.