Deeflash Presents Live & Whatevz 6

Sunday, June 13th DJ and producer Deeflash returns to Mixify with a new live stream from his posh studio in Poughkeepsie, NY. This time out, Deeflash will be doing a live PA rather than his traditional DJ set. Come check out some of his latest tracks, a few classics and hopefully some unreleased material.

Come drop by this Sunday at 8:00 EST for the show and feel free to chat with Dave Richards and the other attendees in the chatroom. You can watch the show at

For more about Deeflash, check out his website at You can also check out his YouTube for his collection of Abelton Live and Maschine tutorials as well as some of his past performances. Deeflash’s music can also be found on Beatport and iTunes.

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