New Release: Dave Richards – Soul

Stepping back in time, MK837 owner Dave Richards has finally stumbled on what he’s been missing all his life… a vocal diva from the 1970’s. Now that he’s found her, he can’t seem to convince her to come forward into the future. Not one to be discouraged, Dave devised an alternate plan and recreated his studio in 1975 defying the laws of time and space. Joining him in this crime against time and humanity is Deeflash, who provides a massively teched up remix for the project.

From the Tastemakers

  • “Really nice release. The bongos are great. The bass, the synth, and the groove all make this track a dancefloor heater. If I heard it out, my ears would perk up and I’d scoot on over and jive a little. Great mix, great track!!” — DJRYAN™ (FitRadio)
  • “Great remix on a already great track.” — Rich Saracino (Groove Box Radio)
  • “Simply AMAZING!!!” — DJ SaF (Sesque Music / Crossworld Records / Boiler Underground Records)
  • “Digging the classic vibe, particularly with the remix. Will be dropping both versions at my weekly pool party event in Grenada. Well done!” — Swanky Jones (ClubBenders / Sound Mind Media)
  • “The Deeflash mix is hot!” — Chris Harrington (Uncovered)
  • “Both of these tracks were very easy to listen to. One of the best new releases of 2014. I could spin either of these with ease.” — Tim Bunch
  • “Great tracks” — Electric Avenue ATX
  • “A lot of soul in this release!” — micFreak (MK837 / Above All Records / DeepSink Digital)
  • “Full support from Deep Dementure” — Deep Dementure (Canaan Digital Records / MK837 / Purple Gate Records)
  • “The deeflash remix is A* – love it.” — DJ Matt Wilko (Sleepin’ is Cheatin’ / Wired Events / Big Vibes)
  • “Nice work- Love the vocal and vibe – Good release all around” — Retchid (Technocolor Sound Recordings / MK837 / Kick It Recordings)
  • “Really funky stuff. Thank you.” — Katzo (NuLabel / Multi Vitamins / Datagroove Music)

About Dave Richards:

Dave Richards is one of the founding members of MK837 and the current label manager. He has spent the past 15 years producing tribal tech house, running multiple EDM blogs, DJing, running MK837 and shooting his mouth off in general on a wide variety of topics. Dave has released music on MK837, Next Dimension Music, Surge Records, Deeplife Records and more.

About Deeflash:

Chris “deeflash” Reiche produces his own flavor of tech house, breaks, and progressive house, he has released on labels such as Deeplife Records, MK837, and Uncovered. Chris founded MK837 with his buddies Dave Richards and Kevin Oneel. The goal was simple: create a label that honored the label/artist relationship and focused on respecting the artists and building artists up.

In 2012, Chris released a full length album titled “Sunday Panic” that showcased his talents for creating deep electronic music that still has a place on the dance floor. He then worked with Dave Richards on their J&M project and they released a full length album titled “Masks”, a nine track journey through dark and gritty indie progressive tech house on a classic tip.

Deeflash can be found monthly on Ustream with Preacherman broadcasting their Tapestry nights, a monthly live event featuring some of the best tech house, techno and deep house on the market today. He also has an ongoing series of tutorials on Ableton Live and Maschine available on Youtube.