New Release: IannaI – Fruitful

Breakout electronica producer IannaI makes his debut on MK837 with Fruitful. Fruitful combines some of the best elements of deep house, tech house and throws in a dab of Middle Eastern percussive breaks just to be sure. MK837 label owner Dave Richards follows the original up with a deep and techie remix like only he can deliver. Rounding out the release is micFreak with a big room / progressive mix that will keep the peak time crowds happy.

About IannaI

IannaI (ee-uhn-uhn-i) is about me (Ian) and the man in the mirror. Not beholden to a single style, IannaI allows his mood to dictate his direction. From electro to chill and from house to sythpop, you’ll find solid production values and usually a great message as well.

From the Tastemakers

  • “Dave’s remix isnt bad at all.”DJ Samer (Pangea Recordings / Stellar Fountain / Segment Records)
  • “Super funky…. like!”DJ Willi P (DRS VIRUS / Lora / Stadtfilte Galaxy)
  • “Dig the Dave Richards Remix!”Chris Harrington (Uncovered)
  • “Love the groove and feel of the original and the remixes really add a whole new style to it! Dave Richards’ remix is the top one here!”deeflash (Trike Records / Hi-life / Deeplife Records)
  • “Digging the micFreak mix Big loud n proud!!! and would easily use Dave Richards mix as well in a set aimed more for the deep house vibes”Corey Pryor (Former Newsboy)
  • “IaanaI will multiply the crowd filling the dance floor, whether it be Dave Richards or micFreak’s remix.”DeyHota (Christian Commuter / Sunday Morning Mashup / Spreaker)
  • “Fruitful, the Original, uses the nostalgic 303 sound to accentuate a blend of harmonic elements. Its soothing clarinet is beautifully integrated stimulating sonic delight. The Dave Richards Remix, is an electronic melting pot of familiar bass elements combined with techno and electro ambiances. The percussion elements help mold the entire track into a fruitful and otherwise delightful release. This MicFreak release is full of energy. It takes Fruitful and blasts it onto your speakers. The original is skillfully re created in this release as the tone and temperament is continued throughout.” DJRYAN™ (FitRadio)
  • “Good release, the remixes are very nice as well.”Teckaiser (MK837 / Hi-life)
  • “Solid grooves on every track of this release – great vibe.”Ed Unger (MK837)
  • “Some really nice stuff happening here. Lights are going off in my head like one massive rave.”Tim Bunch