New Release: Dave Richards – God & Chance

Returning from a deep space rendezvous, Dave Richards has returned to MK837 with a new tribal influenced tech house single. God & Chance’s Original Mix brings a message of hope, self-worth and purpose for all mankind. And… the instrumental mix drops that message for the curmudgeons who just want a great groove for their sets and couldn’t care less about hope. Year five of MK837 rolls on.

About Dave Richards:

Dave Richards is one of the founding members of MK837 and the current label manager. He has spent the past 15 years producing tribal tech house, running multiple EDM blogs, DJing, running MK837 and shooting his mouth off in general on a wide variety of topics. Dave has released music on MK837, Next Dimension Music, Surge Records, Deeplife Records and more.

From the Tastemakers

  • “8/10”Noel Sanger (Dissident Music / Armada / Perfecto / System )
  • “Really funky stuff. I like it!”Katzo (NuLabel / Multi Vitamins / Datagroove Music)
  • “Cool, deep, groovy.”DJ Knowledge (Satellite Records)
  • “Great message…..great tune. Dave keep ’em coming!”J. Davis (Devout Artists / MK837)
  • “God house!”DJ Fiacxa (Tag Club / Sonica)
  • “Bringing it back… Raving Lunatics LoL, but way better music.”Corey Pryor (Former Newsboy)
  • “Congas & bongos make for a juicy beat in so many circumstances.”DeyHota (Christian Commuter / Sunday Morning Mashup / Spreaker)
  • “Zesty and peppy.”Brian McKay
  • “Some great tunes here!”Electric Avenue ATX
  • “This is funky. It’s all about the sample.”Reid K (MK837)
  • “Another great release from mk837! both mixes are awesome…mFreak loves it!”micFreak (MK837 / Above All Records / DeepSink Digital)
  • “The original is great and the instrumental also stands alone well!” deeflash (Trike Records / Straight Up! / MK837)