New Release: Deeflash & Ed Unger – Everything is Fine


Kicking things off for 2014, the unstoppable tech house producer Deeflash has teamed up with singer/songwriter Ed Unger to bring forth a dark, massive vocal track. On the remix, we’ve got another tech house master, Teckaiser. It’s year five here at MK837 and we’re going to take it by storm.

Here’s what Deeflash has to say about this release:

The long anticipated single, Everything Is Fine, is finally out today! This feels like it was a long time coming and I am so happy to have this out now.

This was one of those songs that after producing the track, I listened to it I knew there needed to be vocals on it and I knew it had to be Ed Unger. I sent it over to Ed and he wrote lyrics and a vocal melody for the track and turned it into a song. He recorded his vocals and sent them over and we knew right away we had a hit.

We also wanted to get a remix of the song done to get another interpretation of it so I sent Michael Montez aka Teckaiser an email with the song asking him to put his own twist to the song. What he came up with is a great brooding vocal tech house track.

We all hope you enjoy Everything Is Fine and it finds it’s way into your sets and mixes!

From the Tastemakers

  • Sounds like Deeflash and Ed Unger have a deep house hit on their hands. – Decktonic (44 Caliber Recordings / LW Recordings / MK837)
  • Phenomenal vocals and lyrics.. Good vibe, pleasant, nice to bounce too. Solid releases!! – DJRYAN™ (FitRadio)
  • I really love it. Nice lyric. – Katzo (NuLabel / Multi Vitamins / Datagroove Music)
  • GREAT VIBE – Rich Saracino (Groove Box Radio)
  • Teckaiser rmx 4 us ! Thanks – Electronic Empire (No-Logik Records / Ruzzy Records)
  • Love that bass tone on the remix!! – J. Davis (Polytechnic Records / MK837 / Devout Artists)
  • Very cool stuff! – DJ Knowledge (Satellite Records)
  • Really enjoy tunes. They create a spacial atmosphere that keeps the vibe wide. – Reid K (MK837)
  • The original mix is classic house. The Teckaiser remix brings it down to a new level of smooth. – Tim Bunch