Freshbeats – Episode 8: January 2014

freshbeats2-podcast-ep8Dave Richards hits the decks again after recovering from his car accident in November of 2014. Armed with both new and classic tracks, you won’t want to miss this stunning set of tribal and tech.

Featured in this mix are Deeflash and Ed Unger’s latest Everything Is Fine which hits stores this month and Dave Richards’ God & Chance which will hit in February. Rounding out the mix is what is becoming an MK837 favorite, Cat Juggling by Yoshida.



  1. Tomacco (Original Mix) – Deeflash [MK837]
  2. Safe & Sound (Jaques Le Noir Remix) – Stereo Dub Feat. Karen Souza [Heavenly Bodies Records]
  3. Species (Original Mix) – Rajiv Alfarou, Mario Fx [Inexplikable]
  4. God & Chance (Original Mix) – Dave Richards [MK837]
  5. Rock It ( Original Mix ) – Bulaklak [Inexplikable]
  6. Drum N Rolla – Alberto Tolo [Six Sound Records]
  7. Oye (Original Mix) – Van Lazarux [South Records]
  8. Love Speechless (Original Mix) – Sami Wentz [Wentz Records]
  9. Everything is Fine (Teckaiser Remix) – Deeflash, Ed Unger [MK837]
  10. Perfectamente Imperfecto (DJ Generous Remix)  – Camy [Green Mono]
  11. Cat Juggling (Original Mix) – Yoshida [MK837]