The Comments Session: November

In an effort to help spread the music love, and tap the vast collective knowledge music knowledge of the internet, I decided to start something fun. The Comments Session is sort of a social mixtape experiment. It’s like me gathering a bunch of EDM fans and producers and DJs into a room (so to speak) and asking them to recommend some good music.

Here’s how it works. It’s simple, so it should be just a matter of turning up the volume and joining in. Each month I will be choosing seven tracks for your listening pleasure. These tracks are the seeds of the session; they’ll all fall into one genre or style. All you have to do is enjoy the music and then scroll down to the comments section (Ah, now you get it. Clever ain’t I?), and post your favorite tracks in that same genre or style — thus adding to the mixtape experience.

So, below are the tracks I’ve chosen for this month. It’s my birthday this week, so if you don’t mind, I decided to go with MY favorite genre, Drum&Bass. Anyway, listen, enjoy, comment, repeat —

Comments Session: November 2013

Modu — New Steps of Change

Fred V + Grafix — Long Distance

Brookes Brothers — Snowman

Maduk — Feel Good

Camo & Krooked — Afterlife (BCee remix)

Konsta — What I Need

Future Prophecies — September