Deeflash Podcast – November 2013

theclownisback-613x613 This month we’ve got a great mix kicking off with some of Deeflash’s favorite tracks from this year and then we travel back to some classic MK837 tracks and wrap up with some killer tunes like Kevin Oneel’s Negative Ghostrider!

Track List

  1. Chris Gavin – Nice View (Martin Roth Rmx) [L-System]
  2. River & Phoenix – Follow Your Dreams Pursue Your Nightmares (Original Mix) [Let’s Play House]
  3. Silicone Soul – Under A Werewolf Moon (Sascha Funke’s Salope Remix) [Soma Records]
  4. Brekowsky & Jonnynes – Mama Acholi [Southpark Records]
  5. Dax Gaetan – House Of Jesus (Oscar G Miami Heat Mix) [petFood]
  6. Paul Lyman & Antonio Vendone – Rollin (Original Mix) [MK837]
  7. Ben Moore – It’s Been A While (Kevin Oneel Remix) [MK837]
  8. Deeflash – Let It Go [MK837]
  9. Brother Brooks – Changing Lanes [MK837]
  10. Deep Dementure – Every Night Every Day (Original Mix) [MK837]
  11. IRIS – City Lights (Jarvis Remix) [MK837]
  12. Deeflash – Tomacco (Original Mix) [MK837]
  13. Faith Jockey – Witness (Original Mix) [MK837]
  14. Kevin Oneel – Negative Ghostrider [MK837]