Hooj Choons is Back!

Back in the day when I was first started getting into production, my good friend and mentor at the time Jamey Wright pointed me toward this UK based label and said “here, you need to know these guys.” That label was Hooj Choons. Immediately, I was in love. That was back around 1998. Hooj was absolutely amazing then. I can’t even describe how excited I was with each new release from them. I was also excited because they were one of the few labels investing in CDs at the time and I lacked turntables. To this day, I’m listening to their old releases via Spotify and I still can’t get enough.

When the news of Hooj Choons’ demise came in 2003, I was devastated. I was happy that Lost Language was going to live on, but Hooj was a hard blow for me to take. I didn’t lose interest in EDM, but I couldn’t find another label that I connected to as well as Hooj. My hopes were raised and dashed again in 2006 when Hooj came back with a few releases. Once the sun had set again on Hooj Choons’ rebirth, I lost all hope in it ever resurfacing again and then… Facebook.

Maybe that’s the real point of this post. Simply Facebook. Hooj Choons joined Facebook in 2008 and made a few posts throughout the years until June of this year. I just laughed a bit reviewing their wall when I ran across this comment though:

“OMG I wanna cry :'( Why hooj why” – Katie

Why indeed. Yesh. Anyway…

So in June 2012, there started to be a flurry of new activity. Not a lot mind you, but enough to know they were paying attention to people and might actually have a pulse. That led up to this post in July 2013:

“We have some news… We’re not going to disclose any information just yet… Keep it HOOJ”

At this point, they had my attention. I guess that’s how good social media works in many ways. So much of our posts can be utter crap and then, then you have one gem and it catches not just your attention, but your heart and soul.

After another few months, the official news is out and it is indeed a third coming of Hooj Choons and the coming out release is a rework of Candi Staton’s Whadda You Want from her Outside In album that was released in 1999.

At first listen, I wasn’t all that impressed. The Polar Snares remix is a bit too mainstream for me, but it’s got a heavy Bimbo Jones sound to it. The Brooks Brothers remix though, now that’s much more what I’m talking about, but it still isn’t that classic Hooj sound I’m looking for and it’s a bit too commercial. Then it hit; the third mix by Space Coast and I was in love. Hooj is back.

As it turns out, Jerry Dickens really has pulled Hooj Choons out of the proverbial cemetery of scrapped labels. I have no clue as to the actual release date of the new single, but when it hits, I will be grabbing it. I have to be honest though, I don’t want to get my hopes up. I don’t want to invest too heavily in Hooj Choons this time. I’ve been hurt before. I don’t want to be hurt again. I’m like a jilted lover or a worn out shoe. Jerry, don’t be a tease. Balls to the wall or go home. I can’t take another fading memory.