Paris Hilton’s Latest Comes with a Twist

Let’s face it. The world has ended. Paris Hilton has a new song out. Hell must have frozen over while we were asleep on the beaches of Ibiza this summer. Then again, shouldn’t we all have expected this to happen? After all this isn’t the first time she’s taken to a recording studio. So, here we are. Let the hate flow. Here are a few quotes from around the web:

“My hopes that Paris Hilton was a thing of the past have been dashed.” – Cesar

“The moment I have been waiting for is the one when Paris HIlton fades into complete obscurity.” – Subah

“What on Earth could this spoiled party girl have to say that I could relate to?” – Binkynh

“She sings better than Little Wayne by the way.” – GeorgiZ.

For the record, those all came from non-EDM sites. Let’s just say that the EDM crowd was even less favorable. Oh, and she really does sing better than Lil Wayne. Thanks for pointing that out GeorgiZ.

Some of you might remember my previous article about Paris and DJing. Well… guess what, I’m siding with the whiners this time. They’re basically right. Paris’ new song sucks, but there’s a twist. I’ll get to that in a moment.



Forget that this is the hotel heiress for a minute. Let’s look at this song for its merits.  Paris has a decent voice. She really does, even if it might be auto-tuned — I don’t know if it is and I don’t really care to know. Compare her vocals to Dev and Uffie, Paris is on par if not better. That’s subjective I know, but Paris at least could hold her ground with them. So, her vocals aren’t the problem.

My beef with Good Time all comes down to extremely juvenile lyrics.

Are you having a good time?
‘cause I’m having a good time.
And I might be a bit tipsy,
but that’s O.K. because you’re with me.

Let’s be honest, that’s nowhere near Shakespeare quality and outside of the simple chorus:

Whoa let’s party.
Yeah let’s party,
and have a good time.

These lyrics are crap. Wait… that’s crap too. It doesn’t stop there, then there’s Lil Wayne.



Money. That’s it. That and to bridge EDM, pop and hip-hop in one simple song. Oh wait… that’s for money too.

However, while Paris’ lyrics in the song are basically focused on having fun, Lil Wayne comes in and basically sets back women’s lib a few centuries. Granted Paris did that when she let her ex-film her way back then. That’s not the point though. Lil Wayne basically portrays her as his momentary sex toy while he’s stoned. I get it. That’s what he does. It is part of being a rapper, but it’s like being invited to a party, dropping your pants and taking a dump on the living room floor. It’s his M.O., but still… Paris should have more respect for herself and Lil Wayne should probably grow up. Of course, as long as both Paris’ and Lil Wayne’s audience are acting like horny children, there’s no money in it.

Moving on, I said there was a twist. That’s where Afrojack comes in. He’s actually the trifecta in this. Here we have the true musical genius behind this track. According to Forbes, he’s the 7th highest paid DJ in the world right now. He pulled in $18 million in 2012. He’s so “rich” that he famously bought a Ferrari 458 in February and wrecked it within an hour. And here’s the sad truth about Paris’ new song:

If her name was not attached to the song and if Lil Wayne wasn’t involved, it would be number one on Beatport. Secretly, most of the EDM scene is madly in love with what’s going on here. All it would take is for Afrojack to make a dub remix and re-label it as Afrojack feat. Paris – Good Time (Dub Remix) and it would be up there. All he’d have to do is keep the chorus and it would be a hit with most of the people complaining about it.