New Release: Deeflash – I See You Everywhere

Deeflash’s I See You Everywhere has hit stores today. The original was first seen on Sounds of Summer 4. This time around, we’ve brought micFreak in on the remix. You won’t want to miss this track. Here’s what some of the tastemakers had to say about it.

From the Tastemakers

  • “MicFreak remix is excellent. Has a techie feel with progressive stabs. Great track.”DJ Omni (Transform DJs / Heaven Sound Records / Deeplife Records)
  • “One of those troddy moments when everybody in the crowd is dancing their a$$ off.. Yeah.. I think so…”Tony Ohms (8 Ohm Productions / This is Fidget / Beat Derelicts)
  • “Nice!”Aaron Lee (Shockwave 303 / Nightshade Records / Polytechnic Records)
  • “Nice package, two solid remixes for different occasions. In the bag!”Christos Kedras (Kapa Music)
  • “Great one, pure tech house track.”Teckaiser (MK837 / Straight Up!)
  • “Wicked ep mate. Will support”Deep Dementure (Canaan Digital Records / MK837 / Purple Gate Records)
  • “Micfreak remix for me.”DJ Knowledge (Satellite Records)
  • “Smooth like butter being washed down with a glass of chocolate milk. The original mix is very smooth house, while the remix came across as slightly more techno blended with it. It was a tough call, but I would probably play the remix in a set, but depends on the crowd.”Tim Bunch
  • “Another master piece.”Rich Saracino (Groove Box Radio)