Deeflash Podcast – September 2013


This month Deeflash brings you a great mix of some new tracks and some old favorites. You might have noticed that there wasn’t a Tapestry event last month. We have had a great time this summer hanging out with everyone in the area and spending our summer Sunday nights playing our flavor of house music. With the change of season, we are looking at what we would like to do next with Tapestry and will keep you posted.

This month Deeflash is showcasing some great music from past, present, and future. He has one of the new tracks from Dave Richards and his, You’re On My Mind, which was released under their collab project named J&M on MK837, and a classic J&M tune, Hold Back, which what first started their little side project.


Track List

  1. Testa Rossa & Dav Schwartz – Give it to me (Brekowsky Interpretation) [Southpark Records]
  2. Jarvis & Cory Downey – Skyline (Original_Mix) [Cylon Dub Receptor]
  3. Cerebro – Peripheral [L-System]
  4. Overset – On The Dancefloor – Bee-Low Remix [Catwalk Records]
  5. J&M – You’re On My Mind (Original Mix) [MK837]
  6. Gil Montiel, Daniel Cantisani – Only Human feat. Cassey Jaxx (Joel Armstrong and SKAI Remix) [Medrado Music]
  7. Stefano Kosa & Stiv Hey – Boys Make Noise (Kenny Ground Remix) [Southpark Records]
  8. Wehbba – Think Tank (Original Mix) [Tronic]
  9. Mark Webb – In Love With You [Natura Viva]
  10. Ned Flanders – Bit Broke [Llama Farm Recordings]
  11. Chris Howland – Worship (Original Mix) [MK837]
  12. Dave Richards – Life Him Up [MK837]
  13. Deeflash – Screaming Inside (Original Mix) [MK837]
  14. J&M – Hold Back [MK837]