Massive Attraction: Defeating Sweet Anonymity

So you’re making awesome tracks. You know every little production trick there out there. You have every Loopmasters soundpack ever made. You also happen to be Lord Emperor of Sylenth presets. The only thing left now is to start booking the world tour, right? Oh yeah… that’s right. Nobody knows who you are!

Oh, sweet anonymity, my dear old foe. We meet once again.

One of the biggest uphill battles you’ll ever face as a DJ/Producer is getting notoriety. Sure, your music is awesome and your mom says you’re the best DJ since DJ Tanner. Yeah, you may have just succeeded in successfully running 424 channels at once in Ableton. The real question is what sets you apart from others, and how do you express that to others?

1) Locals Only

First, you’ll want to follow the old saying “Think Globally, Act Locally.” The best place to start your global domination is right in your backyard. Start out by building a local following. Start a local showcase night at a small venue. Remember to think small. Turning people away is always preferred over having a giant, empty looking room. Use word of mouth. Think up a way to make your night unique. Perhaps you showcase local producers. Perhaps it’s your encyclopedic knowledge of all things Post-Dub Funk Core. If people know you on a personal level, they’re more likely to buy your work.

2) Social Is A Two-way Street

Also consider the way you use social media. Are you only posting when you have a release? Is it just a bunch of show dates, or begging for gigs? Cool…You’re DJ Snarkypants from South Beach, and you’re taking bookings. Who cares? You should be creating  engaging, thought provoking content. Pose questions to your followers. Give them a reason to talk back to you.  In this day and age, you can’t expect people to find you. You have to find a reason to involve them.

3) Give Them What They Want

Lastly, consider doing contests and giveaways. Remix contests are always a great way of generating new followers. Also, when you do this, people become personally involved in your success. Reason being, their own personal success is now directly tied to yours. Now you’ve just involved their whole tier of social media followers.  Giveaways are great because they allow people who otherwise might not be exposed to your music to try it for free. You might also consider asking people to share it. Make sure you place a value on the download.  People feel a sense of accomplishment when they get something for free that they’d normally pay for.

Basically, what you have to do is give people a reason to notice you. Get involved in your local scene. Be engaging with your social media followers. Think up interesting ways you can interact with your potential fans.