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Dave Richards – Bleeps Spook Everything

Dave Richards returns from the studio with a hot new progressive tech release. Bleeps Spook Everything is a departure from the darker side of Dave Richards’ production of late. With a more exploratory focus, Dave weaves through groovy baselines and haunting synths with Bleeps and Spooks. With Everything Dave brings home a track that has been haunting him now for a few years and simply wouldn’t let go. Lift Him Up draws upon some latent Gospel and more club accessible roots.

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Selected Feedback:

  • “Cool!” – Jody Wisternoff (Way Out West)
  • “Full on prog – Nice!!” – Hall North (Soma, Fade, Stripped, Tulipa, Endemic Digital, Sounds of Juan, 2)
  • “Great tracks, thanks. Lovely.” – Carlos Pashe (Minus/Stripped/LightDigital/Divert/We Are Here)
  • “Lift him up.” – DJ Samer (Spundae, Jetlag, frisky, Pangea, Source of Gravity )
  • “Sounds nice so far.” – Kyau and Albert (Euphonic / Anjunabeats / Enhanced Music)
  • “‘Lift Him Up’ is massive!!!” – DJ SaF (Crossworld Records / MIDI Life Records / Sesque Music)
  • “Really good release. Loving ‘Lift Him Up’. It has that Housey Gospel vocal with some driving progressive house that gets you going.” – Josiah Freebourne (Jesus)
  • “Very interesting release!” – Katzo (, Mindtours, Multivitamins)
  • “‘Spooks’ has my name written all over it” – Decktonic (44 Caliber, MK837, 56kbps, Love & Tonic)
  • “Loving track 3 – ‘Everything’, its got a nice groove to it. Very Good Ep Dave, great release MK837. Keep Them coming” – Deep Dementure (MK837 / Canaan Digital Records / Purple Gate Records)
  • “‘Lift Him Up’ is great!” – deeflash (MK837)
  • “Keep up the good work.” – Xen Ochren (VIM Records, MK837)
  • “‘Spooks’ has a great after-hours feel. The prog synths over a housey bass would make it a great climber coming out of a deep house set.” – Steve Boyett