Deeflash – Screaming Inside

We’ve all done it before. We know what it’s like. We find ourselves wanting to scream, but can’t for whatever reason. Join Deeflash on the dance floor for a bit of collective primal scream therapy as he brings you his latest EP containing four original pounding tracks of house ranting from deep and techie to progressive in nature.

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Selected Feedback:

  • “Screaming is very nice” – DJ Samer (Spundae / Jetlag / frisky / Pangea / Source of Gravity )
  • “Absolutely ‘Shimmy'” – DJ SaF (Crossworld Records / MIDI Life Records / Sesque Music)
  • “I’ll play and support!” – Katzo ( / Mindtours /Multivitamins)
  • “Sweet! Screaming Inside and Shimmy my fav – The EP has a great flow from Front to Back” – Decktonic (44 Caliber/ MK837/ 56kbps / Love & Tonic)
  • “Always good music from deeflash” – Teckaiser (MK837 / Straight Up!)
  • “Definitely for warming up or winding down a crowd. These tracks will captivate your audience before sending them on a soul journey.” – Josh Ratliff (Strange Logiq)
  • “Good deep/tech stuff. Love the touch of prog elements in some of the tracks. Good club opening set material.” – DJ Omni of Tranceform DJs (Deeplife Records)
  • “Nice drums on each mix. Shimmy is the favorite. Love the layers and how the track progresses.” – Josiah Freebourne (
  • “Massive fan of Deeflash, this is a top EP production loving ‘Sanctuary’.  Will be supporting this.” – Deep Dementure (MK837 / Canaan Digital Records / Purple Gate Records)
  • “Best release from Deeflash in my opinion. Solid deep groove in Sanctuary… Screaming inside is possibly the best track I’ve heard from Deeflash and is signs of an even maturer sound developing in him… Really dug that choon.” – Xen Ochren (VIM Records / Benny Records / MK837)
  • “Deeflash has a great production style of clean and phat sounds, smooth grooves that trance me out into head bob mode after 30 seconds” – Ed Unger (Deeplife Records / Tharsis Records / MK837)