Charting Progress

I was asked late last night about our success as a label. The person specifically wanted to know what our charting history was like. I took that as a cue to rummage through our more recent releases. Here’s a list of what I found for the last year along with a few other points of interest.

Satellite EDM:

  • micFreak – Love United (Progressive House/Progressive Chart)
  • micFreak – The Borderline (Progressive House/Progressive Chart)
  • micFreak – Somner’s Theme (Progressive Chart)
  • Kevin Oneel – TacoTacoTacoTaco (Breaks Chart)
  • Kevin Oneel – Government is the Problem (Breaks Chart)
  • Kevin Oneel – Fizzy Get Off The Table (Breaks Chart)
  • Kevin Oneel – Do Not Listen To This (Deep House Chart)
  • Kevin Oneel – 20 Percent Cooler (Progressive House/Progressive Chart)
  • J&M – Atmospheres (Progressive House/Progressive Chart)
  • J&M – New Life Alone (Progressive House Chart)
  • J&M – Dance All Night (Progressive House Chart)
  • J&M – Windmills (Progressive House/Progressive Chart)
  • J&M – Hide & Seek (Progressive House/Progressive Chart)
  • J&M – Flight Safety (Progressive House Chart)
  • J&M – Hurt Me (Progressive House/Progressive Chart)
  • J&M – Heya (Progressive House/Progressive Chart)
  • J&M – Downturn (Progressive House/Progressive Chart)
  • Teckaiser – Organica (Brother Brooks Remix) (All Genres/Deep House Chart)
  • James Vevers – Push the Feeling On (All Genres/House Chart)
  • James Vevers – Push the Feeling On (Deep Dementrue Remix) (House Chart)
  • James Vevers – Push the Feeling On (Sebastiaan Van Veest & Vitaly Katz Remix) (House Chart)
  • Kevin Oneel – Part.Obey.Awesome (Breaks Chart)
  • Paul Lyman & Antonio Vendone – Sacrificial Beatz (House Chart)
  • Dave Richards vs. Tribesman – Techkiller (Tech House Chart)
  • Shelby Callaway – Drash (Electro House Chart)
  • Chemical Debt – The Game Show (Electro House Chart)
  • Retchid – Stay (Electro House Chart)
  • Deeflash – Nora (Deep House Chart)
  • KriSand – Amen (Breaks Chart)
  • Iris – City Lights (All Genres/Tech House/Techno Chart)
  • Iris – Malcon P5 (All Genres/Tech House/Techno Chart)
  • Iris – Thrive (All Genres/Trance/Techno Chart)
  • Dave Richards – Come and Save Me (Tech House Chart)
  • Deeflash – Sunday Panic (Progressive House/Progressive Chart)
  • Deeflash – Through and Through (All Genres/Tech House Chart)
  • Deeflash – Shaken Ground (All Genres/Progressive House/Progressive Chart)
  • Deeflash – Terms of Seperation (All Genres/Breaks Chart)
  • Deeflash – Tribute (All Genres/House/Techno Charts)
  • Deeflash – Spur (All Genres/Progressive/Progressive House Chart)
  • Deeflash – Ain’t That Swell (Deep Dementure Remix) (Tech House Chart)
  • Deeflash – Ambush (DJ Salty Flavor Remix) (Tech House Chart)
  • Deeflash – Dirt on the Transistor (Teckaiser Remix) (All Genres/Tech House Chart)*
  • Deeflash – Through and Through (Reid K’s High Voltage Remix) (All Genres/Tech House Chart)*
  • Sweet Leech – Yons (Justin Wiesberg Remix) (Techno Chart)
  • Sweet Leech – Loen (Techno Chart)
  • Sweet Leech – Short Rib (Techno Chart)


  • Rikki – Pursued by Goths (Minimal Chart)
  • Kevin Oneel – Why Can’t You Leave Me Alone (Chill Out Chart)
  • James Vevers – Push the Feeling On (Sebastiaan Van Veest & Vitaly Katz Remix) (Progressive House Chart)


  • Rikki – Adele’s EP (#5 on Dance Charts)


  • Xen Ochren – Heart (Kevin Oneel Remix) (10 Must Hear Breaks Tracks Week 2 2011)
  • Jeremy Kadinger – My Name is House (Acapella) (10 Must Hear DJ Tools Week 37 2011)
  • And… Various tracks on other DJ charts.

* Captured and held the #1 & #2 positions on the All Genres chart for 2 weeks.

Here’s the thing, we know based on our charting at Satellite EDM that given the right exposure and a bit more polish, we could be doing the same on Beatport and that is why we’re doing a capital campaign on Indiegogo. With your help, we’ll be able to afford professional mastering for all of our releases rather than doing it in house. We’ll also be able to put together a┬áprofessional┬áPR campaign for each release. If we nail these to things, we’ll be able to push the label into the larger market and take Beatport in a storm.

We’ve only got about 18 days left, so please take a moment to check the campaign out and consider getting involved. We have plenty of perks for you to choose from and if you don’t see something that you would like, just let us know and we’ll talk about it.

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Dave R

Label Manager