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micFreak – Love United EP

Out today is mic Freak’s Love United Ep. Love United brings you 3 tracks of progressive house that you won’t want to miss. MicFreak has previously released with DeepSink Digital, Deeper Manila, Fuzion Four Records and Traxacid. By day he’s a music teacher in Baltimore City and by night you’ll find him in clubs across the mid-Atlantic DJing and performing live.

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Selected Feedback:

  • “This is a sweet release! I’m digging The Borderline, played on this month’s Tapestry!” – Deeflash (MK837, Deeplife Records, Straight Up!)
  • “I love the sound quality and the construction technique, my vote is based on this alone…” – DJ SaF (Crossworld Records / MIDI Life Records / Sesque Music)
  • ‘Borderline‘ has a funky groove going on beneath its prog sound, and I like it as a builder. The piano/breakbeat breakdown is inspired. ‘Somner’s Theme‘ has a dreamy, droney quality with an uplifting tone I like a lot. I’d use it to open a mix or close a late-night set.” – Steve Boyett
  • “Fat sounds, deep bass, love it. Great arrangement of sounds. Very uplifting melody. I am a big fan of track 1 – Love United – and its going into my next set. Keep this great music coming MK837, Very well done micFreak!” – Deep Dementure (MK837)
  • “Somners” – DJ Samer (Spundae, Jetlag, frisky, Pangea, Source of Gravity )
  • The Borderline is really good driving progressive, will play and test. Thanks for sending!” – Progressive House Worldwide
  • Love United has a groove to it that compels you to dance. Really impressed!” – Josiah Freebourne (Tastyfresh, Holy Vibes)
  • “Nice release, Love United is an awesome track” – Teckaiser (MK837, Straight Up!)
  • “Cool vibe, nice crisp sounds with unstoppable beat. Love it!” – Sam Soza (Radio U)
  • “Great vibe and uplifting feel with great tranced out beats and instrumentation – Got lost in the listen.” – Ed Unger (Tharsis Records, Deeplife Records, MK837)
  • “Really dig Borderline…funky stuff. Love United and Somner’s Theme is solid prog.” – DJ Omni (Transform DJs)