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Capital Gains for Growing Pains

When Kevin, Chris and I started MK837 in 2010, we did so with two promises. The first was that we would do our best to operate the label as one of the most ethical and fair labels for the artists we represent. The other was that we would not incur any debt. We started the label with just $750 and have pretty much broken even each year.

The time has come however when breaking even isn’t enough. We need to take the label to the next label or go home. 2013 is the “it’s on now” year for us. We’re making gains in the level of artistry that we’re attracting. We’ve got big plans for the future. We just need to overcome some bumps in the process and that will take some cash that we don’t have at the moment.

We’ve identified two main areas that we need to focus on this year. Both of these are critical and must be resolved before we can grow the label.

The first is mastering. All of our releases today have been either mastered in house by Kevin or the artist who made the tracks. This has led to an inconsistent level of quality in our product. We want to fix this by paying to have each release professionally mastered.

The second is equally important. You’re reading about this because someone probably told you about MK837 either over facebook, twitter or some other online community. We’re glad you found us, but we need desperately to increase our market exposure. We need to hire a publicist to help get our story and our product out. Right now, we don’t have a solid way of reaching media outlets and gaining their attention. That’s what a publicist will help us to do.

If we can solve those two problems, we’ll be able to grow the label in the direction that we want to. In addition to this, Kevin is putting together plans for a series of club nights. We’ll post more about that in the future and we will continue to work with and support Deeflash and Preacherman in their efforts to take Taspestry to the next level. In 2013, we’re going to leave the virtual world and enter a club near you.

Today, we’re taking a leap of faith and putting our trust in you. We’ve started a crowd sourcing campaign to raise $14,500. This will cover all of our operating expenses for the year, ensure that our tracks can be professionally mastered and pay for some much needed publicity. We couldn’t have started a label without you and we know we can’t go forward without you either. Please take some time and consider supporting us in our crowd sourcing effort. We have a wide selection of perks for your support ranging from free copies of our current releases to advance copies of our future releases, t-shirts and VIP access to our upcoming shows. You can do that at

Thanks for your time.