Chris “Deeflash” Reiche and Dave Richards join forces once again as J&M. J&M was originally named after their wives and billed as two psycho twin sisters separated at birth. Chris and Dave decided to come out of the proverbial closet with Masks. Masks is a nine track journey through dark and gritty indie progressive tech house on a classic tip. Highlights of the album include the vocal floor filler Dance All Night, a venture into all things tribal with Hurt Me, classic commentary on the use of wind power with Windmills and the odd ball breaks track Heya. Please keep all hands inside the club as Masks starts its preflight check for takeoff.

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Selected Feedback:

  • “Some quality on here.” – Antonio Vendone
  • “‘Atmospheres’ is evocative and hypnotic, the kind of track I like to open with when I put together a prog mix that suggests landscapes.” – Steve Boyett
  • “I like this… its not my normal cup of tea, im not usually into the minimal more chill stuff, but the production quality and variation is great! very interesting vocals, and an almost creepy overall theme to the whole album… but… it appears that is the point… good job fellas! high fives all around!” – Shelby Callaway
  • “Have not had time to listen to this album yet. but i bet its great. will load it into the ipod and check it out” – Deep Dementure
  • “The album creates a great “all nighter” vibe and throws in some dark, warped vocals to keep it gritty!” – Sam Soza
  • “Gave them all a listen too and this one sticks out the most for me. Right n the pocket of what I like to hear in a deep tech track” – Bill (Preacher Man)
  • “Great production on this one! Dance all night is my favorite. Very strong release.” – Josiah “Fingaz” Freebourne
  • “‘Hurt Me’ is the strongest track in the release, nice work on that one.” – Joel Armstrong
  • “Can we say post nu-wave industrialized house? Flight Safety is a CHOON! Characterized by the low end gritty synth and the sample work, I say well done lads.” – Reid K

Additional love from: Arnej, Anjuna Beats, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Luciano & Richie Hawtin