MK837 Presents: Episode 1 – Dave Richards

When you have a kid, you quickly learn that eventually diapers need to be changed. Well, we’ve changed the podcast. We want to use it to showcase the label a bit better and we know that most of you who have been following the show would like Kevin and me to shut up and play some music. So… we’re giving you your wish.

Each show (after this one) will feature our releases for the month and then get straight into a special guest mix. This month though, we’re going to take a trip through most of our releases this year. We really have become impressed with how our releases not only have been improving of late, but how well they have been received. Dave takes to the buttons of plastic and cranks out this epic mix of MK837 goodness. Keep your ears open for Teckaiser’s Organica which drops July 31 exclusively at Satellite Records and J&M’s Flight Safety which will come out on their album later this Fall.



  1. Fingernails – Dave Richards vs. Tribesman
  2. Ambush (DJ Salty Flavor Remix) – Deeflash
  3. City Lights (Jarvis Remix) – IRIS
  4. Bedroom Rapist (Deeflash Remix) – Dave Richards vs. Tribesman
  5. Flight Safety (Cheap Master) – J&M
  6. All the Grains of Sand (Original Mix) – Reid K
  7. Organica (Original Mix) – Teckaiser
  8. Push The Feeling On (Sebastiaan van Beest & Vitaly Katz Remix) – James Vevers
  9. Thrive (Original Mix) – IRIS
  10. Burn It Down (Electro Mix) – Chris Howland
  11. Yons (Justin Weisberg Remix) – Sweet Leech
  12. Techkiller (Original Mix) – Dave Richards vs.Tribesman
  13. Stay (Original Mix) – Retchid