James Vevers – Push The Feeling On

Kirk Van Houten may have wanted to borrow a feeling on The Simpsons, but we have one better than that! Since it’s summertime here in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re looking to share the warm sunshine, crashing waves and drives with the top down. That’s right. With James Vevers (Pacha Recordings) and help from Deep Dementure (Purple Gate Records, MK837 & Canaan Digital Records), Sebastiaan van Beest (Smash Records, KULT, Sheeva Records, & System Recordings) & Vitaly Katz (Smash Records, Wasabi Recordings, Guajira Recordings), Edlington (Recovery Tech, Recovery House, Big Alliance Deep & Olavbelgoe), ADR (TKC Music & Dialtone Records) and VeeKatz (Undergroovy Productions & Smash Records) it’s time to Push The Feeling On. If you’re a true houser, you’ll love this release since it has a little bit of everything for everybody. It’s Summer. Go ahead, reach for the lasers. It’s time to Push The Feeling On.

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Selected Feedback:

  • “Nice release!” – Arnej
  • “Nice summer vibes…” – Michael Montez
  • “Nice/diverse release – original is the one for me!” – Jarvis
  • “Proper summer house vibes. Nice lush tones, and great hook.” – Reid K
  • “Like the original take that Deep Dementre has taken on this one.” – Antonio Vendone
  • “James Vevers is an artist I will definitely be watching. Great release overall. The original mix is going in my  bag for sure.” – Science Drop
  • “For me the Edlington Remix carries it, with strong, clean percussion and a tropical, poolside vibe. Swanky track!” – Steve Boyett
  • “Great summer vibes!” – Marcus Hype
  • “Very addictive hook and percussion. You won’t be able to get it out of your head for a while!” – Josiah “Fingaz” Freebourne
  • “Great release! I love the build of the original!” – Deeflash

Additional attention by Luciano, Richie Hawtin and Marcus Schulz