Broken Arrow #15 – Rikki

Honestly, we obviously can’t get enough of Rikki. He’s one of our favorite DJs here. He’s got the groove, the style and honestly a bit of creative diversity that makes his mixes really stand out from the pack. So… hope all of you enjoy yet another set from him. On a side note, Kevin and Dave have decided to reinvent the Broken Arrow podcast as a result, the name and the format will change up a bit starting with our next episode. So… enjoy the last Broken Arrow and get ready for MK837 Presents…


Track List

  1. Sub – Ain’t That Funky
  2. Amirali – Beautiful World (Hrdvsion Remix)
  3. Matt Le Star – The Waltzer (Radioactive Man’s Cowey Sale Respin)
  4. Sasha & James Teej – As You Fall
  5. Kode9 – You Don’t Wash (Dub)
  6. Shadow Child – String Thing
  7. Hint – Physical Stamina
  8. Hobo – Omega Point
  9. Deeflash – Terms Of Separation
  10. No Doubt vs Byetone – Hella Topas (Rikki’s Mah-Up)
  11. Dodi Palese – Rolling Space (Jay Tripwire Main Remix)
  12. Hint ft Zed Bias – Lock The Door
  13. Hobo – Ipperwash Dusk
  14. Hobo – Shadows
  15. Ditto – Don’t Phase Me
  16. Hrdvsion – Right & Tight
  17. Matador (IE) vs Gotye – Klay That I Used To Know (Rikki’s Mash-Up)
  18. Tyke – Infected Headphones
  19. Aesthetics – Amazon
  20. DJ Rowney & Propz – Everybody Knows
  21. Vital Elements & Ruffride – E.L.E.