IRIS – City Lights EP

Night time in the city is usually defined by three things, people wandering from place to place, the noise of traffic and music and the visual rhythm of lights. IRIS makes his debut on MK837 with his City Lights EP – a bristling journey through the landscape of a city at night. This seven track ep comes packed with remixes by Antonio Vendone, Dave Richards and Jarvis. This is definitely a must hear EP for those who love techno and house.

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Selected Feedback:

  • “Great release that perfectly conjures up the vibe it’s title promises!” – Sam Soza 10/10
  • “Excellent work. Rife with bubbling synths and percolating basslines.” – Reid K 10/10
  • “Nice job, like Malcon P5 the most.” – Michael Montez 9/10
  • “This is a sweet EP from Iris, I really like daves remix of malcon but i would happily play any of the tracks. Great release MK837 top EP” – Deep Dementure 9/10
  • “City Lights has a great energy that will keep the dancefloor moving!” – Josiah 8/10
  • “Digging the antonio vendone remix! Has a great blend of hard hitting beats but melodic elements.” – Deeflash 8/10
  • “’Nevda 6’ is the standout track for me here, if only because I’m always on the lookout for uplifting set enders, and this one’s perfect.” – Steve Boyett 7/10
  • “Iris has a great sense of rhythm and driving basslines. Definitely an artist I will keep watching. Solid creative remixes on this release as well.” – Science Drop 6/10