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MK:ONE – Macomb: A New FREE Compilation Series

MK837 presents MK:ONE – Macomb, a new mix series in the vein of Global Underground featuring the artists that make MK837 special and the locations that bring the music alive for them. In this first volume, Kevin Oneel brings a slamming slice of both classic and new MK837 tracks from the backdrop of Macomb, Il. Why Macomb? We’re glad you asked.

It was a hot summer in 2009. Kevin and Dave had spent months working on the line-up for that year’s Afterhours stage. It was the 25th anniversary of the Cornerstone Music Festival and everything had to be right. With 30 feet of video screen and several thousands of dollars in midi controlled lights, a dusty old barn on a farm was converted once again into a state of the art night club with one of the best sound systems money could buy. More than 800 people a night ebbed and flowed through the makeshift club each of the four nights. The line-up included Tim Richards, Joel Armstong, Brother Brooks, Kevin Oneel, Deeflash, Dave Richards, Dima, KriSand and more. It was a year to remember and out of this crucible, MK837 was born.

To celebrate our roots, we felt it only natural to feature Macomb for our first in this new compilation series. So, head on over to and grab your copy of MK:ONE – Macomb now. Download it and enjoy, but please pass it on to your friends via Facebook, Twitter and the other socials.

We’ll see you with MK:TWO in about 6 months or so. Until then… here’s the track listing.


  1. My Name is House (DJ Tool) – Jeremy Kadinger
  2. Thai Noodles (Original) – Kevin Oneel
  3. Mid School (Original) – Netzik
  4. Missing You (Original) – Deeflash
  5. Remembrance Breaks – Rikki
  6. Voices In My Head (Original) – Fitzpatrick
  7. Yons (Justin Weisenberg mix) – Sweet Leech
  8. C.O.Y.S. – Kevin Oneel
  9. Wakiya – Montez
  10. Left (Original) – J&M
  11. Heart (Kevin Oneel Mix) – Xen Ochren
  12. Negative Ghostrider (Original) – Kevin Oneel