Weekend Maneuvers with Kevin Neely Episode 3

Weekend Maneuvers is back and better than ever! I’ve spent a bit of time doing some crate diving and selected some of my favorite tracks from a few years ago to pair with today’s best dance music. There’s a new banger from mk837, some return appearances by old friends, and a hot track by one of my favorite new artists. Mark may not have approved this episode, but I really don’t care what he thinks anyway. Download, share and enjoy!


Track Listing

  1. Chris Howland – Burn It Down
  2. Benz & MD – Turning the Curve (Simon & Shaker Mix)
  3. Lish – Miles Away
  4. Brisker & Magitman – Discodelic (Alter Breed Mix)
  5. Shiloh & Marcus Zerr – Boogie Nights
  6. Stel & Rekelektrik – People (Lexicon Avenue Mix)
  7. New Order – Crystal (Lee Coombs Mix)
  8. Sound Quelle – Coast (Ryan Marty Mix)
  9. Eitan Carmi – New West
  10. Deepsky & Marc Mitchell – Lost in the Moment (LP’s Litmus Paper Mix)