Broken Arrow #13: Deeflash Live From White As Snow 3

Broken Arrow took a month off in February due to some pretty uncoordinated coordinating, but we’re back with something special this month.

Last month, Deeflash was invited to return to Heat Worship House in Ottawa, Canada for White As Snow 3. The event featured both a DJ set and Live PA from the tech house guru. The Live PA you can get for free through (see the widget below) and the DJ set is right here this month on the Broken Arrow Podcast.

Deeflash’s debut album will be out next Month and just this past week, several remixes from it hit Beatport and iTunes. So, keep an eye out for Sunday Panic! and all the glory that it will bring.

Oh, if you’re wondering why Deeflash isn’t in any of the photos from White As Snow, that’s because he’s like Dave. He’s the one with the camera. We gotta fix that.