New Release: Rikki – From This to That

MK837 is proud to present its first album of the year. Coincidentally, it’s also Rikki’s debut album. We’ve really been looking forward to another release by Rikki given the success of his two eps in 2011 and for this album, Rikki spared no expense. If you’re looking for your kitchen sink, you’ll find it here. As usual, the release can be found on and iTunes.

From the Release:

Rikki once again returns to MK837 with his first studio album. Building on his Adele’s Ep which hit the number five slot on iTunes dance charts, “From This to That” delves deeper into Rikki’s signature sound of dub influenced deep tech house and breaks. Rounding out the release are a couple of remixes from Deep Dementure and Deeflash.

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Selected Quotes:

  • “Great underground stuff, I am all in…” – Fernando Ortiz (Club Vertigo Costa Rica)
  • “Cool stuff” – Dingle (aka Metadeko) (Baroque, Babylon, Workout, Jetlag Digital, Bellarine, Airport Route, Bonzai)
  • “I kinda like the Deeflash remix of Beautiful Day.” – Los (3 AM Allstars)
  • “Feelin’ the groove of Moon Patrol. Nice job!” – Josiah Freebourne (Holy Vibes on
  • “Really digging the Percussion on ‘Sharp points'” – Semper (Deeplife Records, MK837)
  • “I am a big fan of Rikki, love his work. I am really liking Deeflash remix great job. Tracks 6 and 7 get my vote. Yet again a great EP, thanks Rikki and thanks MK837.” – Deep Dementure (Purple Gate Records, MK837, Housevisions Records)
  • “This release is great to vibe out to with a thin, but driving sound scape… at all a bad collection of song!” – Sam Soza (RadioU Fusion on
  • “Tracks 2/5/6/7 for me, good work. Fancy doing a remix for me Rikki?” – Paul Lyman (Veryverywrongindeed Recordings, Hollister Records, Dusted Breaks, Bloc Beatz Records)
  • “Lots to digest in this release! Headnod Business and Pursued by Goths are my favs, Deeflash’s remix of Beautiful Day is really nice too.” – Xen Ochren (VIM Records, Benny Records, MK837)
  • “This is an awesome release and collection of tracks! I love them all but the ghostly leads and pads on End to Racism makes it my fav! I also love the chippy lead on Working Week. Great stuff, guy!” – deeflash (MK837)
  • “Awesome deepness!!” – Antonio Vendone (Dootrecords, Hollister Records, Dojo Music, Play This! Records)


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