Weekend Maneuvers with Kevin Neely Episode 2

It’s episode 2 of Weekend Maneuvers and the podcast has already moved from Podomatic to MK837 proper. Load this up on your mp3 player, close your eyes, and just picture it being Friday night. Weekend Maneuvers is your weekend kickoff podcast.

  1. Redneck–“They Call Me(Garage Mix)”–Rogue Industries
  2. Damage Breaks–“Joy”–Quebolarecords
  3. Meat Katie–“Momento(Electric Soulside Mix)”–LOT49
  4. Leventina–“Revolution”–Unreleased Digital
  5. Damien J Carter, BK Duke & Fine Touch–“Beep(Fine Touch Mix)”–Club Session
  6. Shiloh–“Cafe Del Mariachi”–Hope
  7. Slam feat. Tyrone Palmer–“Lifetimes”–Soma
  8. Daniel Portman–“Tremulator”–KNM
  9. Eitan Carmi–White Night(Eiad Sayegh Mix)”–Hyline
  10. Dave Gahan–“Dirty Sticky Floors(Silencer Mix)”–Reprise