Weekend Maneuvers with Kevin Neely Episode 1

Weekend Maneuvers brought to you by mk837 kicks off with its debut episode. Load this up on your mp3 player, close your eyes, and just picture it being Friday night. Weekend Maneuvers is your weekend kickoff podcast.

  1. “Ready for the Fight(Blacknoise Mix)”—The Young Punx
  2. “Power”—DVXL
  3. “Earth Moon Venus & Sun(Yann Kiss Mix)”—Mike Melange v Nikolai Ronin
  4. “So Sick”—Lars Moston
  5. “Share The Waters(Rocco Sartori Mix)—Sacchi & Durante
  6. “Dependence(Craig Williams Mix)”—Netzik
  7. “Wakiya”—Michael Montez
  8. “Cash Johnny(Kevin Oneel Mix)”—Timo Maas
  9. “Left”—J&M
  10. “Wait For You”—Justin Oh