New Release! Aesias Finale – Dead Presidents EP

From the twisted minds of Kevin Oneel and Brother Brooks comes Aesias Finale. A fusion of breaks, house, electro and a good dose of 80s with a bit of a historical mindset is what sets Aesias Finale apart from other projects today. The Dead Presidents EP is a reflection of this in its purest form.
Here’s just some of what’s being said about “Dead Presidents”: 
  • “Mr. Gorbachev… Nice” – Brain Tick (Sisma Records, Freesound Records, Miniatures Records, Sex Panda Records, Click Musiq Recordings)
  • “Not the style I usually play but there are great sounds here” – Arual Frequency (, MCast)
  • “Very nice track!” – Gosh (Black Hole, Neuroscience, Baroque, Inkfish, Frisky, Ask4, Jetlag, Panda, Morphosis, Per-Vurt, Indigo Records, Mistique)
  • “Five minutes for me!” – Josiah (God Radio)
  • “Yeh!” – Les Hemstock (Liquid Recordings, Doorn Records, Nukleuz)
  • “Great, dark vibes. Like the speech samples. Like We Have Arrived and The Absolute End both, but a favorite had to be picked. haha” – Sam Soza (RadioU Fusion)
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