New Release! Family Favorites

MK837 is officially 1 year old and we decided the best way to celebrate is to compile a a collection of some of our favorite tracks remixed by some of our favorite artists. Family Favorites features some of the great talent of MK837, Craig Williams, Dave Richards, Decktonic, Deeflash , Dima, J&M, Kevin Oneel, Michael Montez, Netzik, Reid K, and Tribesman and a previously unreleased track – Digital Reaction by Dirty Delay.

In celebration of this release, we are giving away a free DJ mix of the album mixed by Deeflash, you can pick it up at our Bandcamp store, We really appreciate all of our fans supporting our releases and helping our first year kick off so well. We hope you enjoy the mix and feel free to spread the link around!

Family Favorites is available on most download stores. Beatport is having technical difficulties with our release currently, but we expect it up very soon. The release is available on iTunes, JunoDownload, and all the other great stores out there. It is also available on our Bandcamp store,

MK837 on Juno Digital Sounds