Broken Arrow – Episode 6 – Shelby Callaway

Shelby Callaway is tearing up the place with his mix for Broken Arrow’s 6th Episode! Shelby is known for his love of Trance music and his great mixes and productions. Releasing tracks previously under the name DJ Ellipse, Shelby is now making a new name for himself releasing some killer Trance and Progressive House tracks that would be a great fit in any peak hour mix.


In 2008, Shelby Callaway decided to serve his country in the military forces and put his music career on hold. For 2 years he trained with the army, and was then deployed to Afghanistan for a year. He brought along a few essentials in the hopes of doing a little production in his free time when he wasn’t on duty. He produced Kate’s Song and Slipstream while he was overseas. When he got home, he submitted them to Deeplife Records and PWM Records. Deeplife and PWM enthusiastically took on Shelby’s projects, and quickly released them with multiple remixes. They became instant hits all over the world. Shelby Callaway is quickly becoming a household name and you can expect to see much more of Shelby in the coming future! Keep an eye out for his new release “Take That” coming out on MK837 this month with remix support from Deeflash, Tommie Boy, and Bad Robotz.

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