Broken Arrow – Episode 4 – Jeremy Kadinger

This month we have a sweet mix from Jeremy Kadinger. Based near the Wisconsin/Minnesota border, Jeremy Kadinger works as an event VJ/DJ. For the past 5 years he has worked with Kevin Oneel and Dave Richards as the lighting expert and VJ for the annual Afterhours stage at the Cornerstone Music Festival. [powerpress]

Jeremy is perhaps one of the most interesting Abelton Live DJs out there. A single mix from him could contain hundreds of elements from a host of tracks ranging from punk rock to progressive house. In the end, a set by Jeremy is about variety, originality and creativity. To date, he’s never let us down.

Everyone’s a DJ these days it seems, but not everyone can claim over 2 decades of experience blending all manner of DJ dance tunes. Jeremy started with “pause mixes”, mixes put together using a tape deck and it’s pause button to compose elaborate compositions. 12″ records came next. Three reel to reel machines where used before CD burners were in home computers to mix original dance tracks. The CD’s came and then the software set ups. It doesn’t matter. It’s all good. If it’s DJing, Jeremy’s down for it.