2010 Fall Release Schedule


Today is the official first day of fall and we have a slew of great releases planned for this season!

Kicking off the season is Michael Montez with a deep tech house EP that is a rhythmic force designed to control the soul of any electronica lover.

Then we have Kevin Oneel’s long awaited Salvage, a 6 song EP that really gives you a glimpse into the inner workings of Kevin Oneel.

Netzik is next with a 3 track EP that shows that Netzik has a style all his own and he does not hold back on this release.

Our last two releases are singles from Van Lazarux and Dima. Van Lazarux’s So Cute should not be passed over as just another single. It is a fun tech track that is sure to burn up some dance floors and features remixes by Michael Montez, Dave Richards, and Deeflash.

Dima’s Journey is a fun progressive track that going to be a solid release with remixes by Dave Richards, Kevin Oneel, and Netzik.

2010 Fall Release Schedule

MKE0169/28/2010Michael Montez – Amigo
Michael Montez – Amigo
Michael Montez – Blooper
Michael Montez –┬áHeartless World
MKE01710/12/2010Kevin Oneel – Salvage
Kevin Oneel – I Am
Kevin Oneel – Negative Ghostrider
Kevin Oneel – Varookasawlt
Kevin Oneel – Paul Hamilton
Kevin Oneel – Sunday Morning
Kevin Oneel – In The Beginning
MKE01810/26/2010Netzik – Dependence
Netzik – Dependence
Netzik – Midi Dynamic
Netzik – The Riddle Note
MKE01911/9/2010Van Lazarux – So Cute
Van Lazarux – So Cute (Original Mix)
Van Lazarux – So Cute (Dave Richards Remix)
Van Lazarux – So Cute (Deeflash Remix)
Van Lazarux – So Cute (Michael Montez Remix)
MKE02011/23/2010Dima – Journey
Dima – Journey (Original Mix)
Dima – Journey (Netzik Remix)
Dima – Journey (Dave Richards Remix)
Dima – Journey (Tommie Boy Remix)