Salt Symphony – Brother Brooks

Brother Brooks takes us on a downtempo journey with his Salt Symphony. Anyone who knows Brother Brooks knows his dedication to his craft. Spending countless hours in front of the monitor, Brother Brooks has tirelessly worked to refine his art, creating masterpieces of auditory delight that not only contain a catchy tune, but tell a story. Each track created by Brother Brooks weaves a tapestry of timeless moments that most of us take for granted. It may be an airport waiting area. It could be a family enjoying a meal together. No matter what the situation, Brother Brooks has created a soundtrack for the moment.

Born and raised in Central Alabama, Brother Brooks Williams has a long history with music and the world of electronica. A true child of the 90′s, Brooks grew up on the influence of the growing hip hop scene, Techno-Rave at it’s peak, and the thunderous pop anthems of the day. As he grew older and made a decision to dive deeper into the world of electronic music, Brooks felt the need to join this ever growing community. Passing through the ranks from clubber to producer, Brother Brooks has been where each of us has been at some point, be it on the dance floor, behind the keyboard, or in front of the decks.

Now many years into his musical endeavours, Brother Brooks releases his first album “Salt Symphony” on MK837. Several years in the making, “Salt Symphony” has been well received by fellow musicians and reviewers alike. That’s not all Brother Brooks has in the making though. Keep an eye on him; you never know where Brother Brooks might show up.