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The night belongs to us.

Inside us all, there’s a lion ready to roar. Our heartbeat is the very rhythm of house and techno. There’s a ferocity in our voice and a loyalty to our family. This is our pride. We are MK837.


The Middle – Dave Richards

“The original mix has a good techno vibe, and the dub gets the track ready to start a DJ session anytime.”
Jhon X & Gonzalo D’Angelo (NRG.DJ / Be Radio / Vitamina Electronic Webcast)

Religion of Science – Reiche

“Nice tracks!”
–  DJ Same Divine (Defected)

Sacrificial Beats – Paul Lyman & Antonio Vendone

“Love the way both of these tracks flow!! Full support on these!!”
Minty Fresh ( / LDNFM )

Eight Pump Chump – Headchange

“Excellent EP… Messed up for me !!”
Blue Tone Boy (Syndikick Records / Dusk Records)

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